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Changes, pt. 2 by Mashuto
Changes, pt. 2
Since this is pretty much an extension of another recent work of mine, I will let that one do all the talking. I felt I needed a good landscape version. Portrait is nice, but sometimes its bettter to get a wider landscape shot in.

Lindy Point, WV. October, 2014.

Update: Wow, my second ever DD, thanks guys! Glad you like it!
Changes by Mashuto
Had a short weekend trip back out to WV. I was hoping to get back to Blackwater Falls State Park in WV and capture some of the fall foliage. I was maybe about a week too early, but there were already some great colors showing.

The weather did not really hold up the first day I was there, but on the second, there was some pretty dramatic clouds in the sky. Unfortunately, I was not treated to the amazing sunset I was hoping for, however, for a few minutes, the sun managed to get below the clouds and give some pretty great oranges in the sky.

What did surprise me a bit was just how cold it got up in the mountains over the weekend. Temperatures were down in the 30s and there were snow/sleet/rain showers on and off all day Saturday.

The title is referring to the changing seasons. There was some great color in the leaves, but it wasn't quite there yet. Also, I am going through some life changes right now as well, so it felt appropriate.

As usual, comments and critiques are welcome, and I hope you enjoy this image as much as I enjoyed making it!
What Lies Beyond by Mashuto
What Lies Beyond
The title for this one is really about what comes next in life. I find myself at a really good point right now, but constantly busy, and trying to figure out what is next. And with the sun setting in this photo, it makes me wonder, what is next, what is over that hill?

I visited a new location in Shenandoah National Park that I had never been to before. Mainly due to distance. Since the park is very long and narrow, there are parts of the park that are an hour away, and parts that are up to 3+ hours away. This was on the farther side of that spectrum, and once you cross that hour/hour and a half mark, it changes from being a day trip to a big production. Either way, this spot was just absolutely stunning. A nearly 360 degree view from a summit completely covered in rocks. Surrounded by mountains, instead of the usual view down into the valley. It was a nice change, and I am glad to see there is always something new to discover in SNP.
Great Falls by Mashuto
Great Falls
Really could not come up with a better title for this. However, I think this might be the first image of Great Falls that truly deserves the name as I think this might be the first image that really captures the grandeur and scale of these waterfalls (and this image does not even show the full falls). And for those that do not know, this is Great Falls of the Potomac, between Maryland and Virginia just 5 or so miles outside of Washington D.C.

I visited the park Saturday morning. I recently purchased a new lens and wanted to put it through its paces (of course, this image was not taken with my new lens). The weather looked promising and I was hoping for some spectacular light in the sky. As sunrise time approached however, I was treated to gray. I took up my usual spot by the river and snapped off some images, but without any good light, there wasn't much I could do. Finally, I headed up to some of the overlooks to take in a wider view of the falls and wait and hope the light might change.

Finally, after a little while, the sun broke the clouds. It has been quite hazy in the D.C. area lately, which helped keep some of the wonderful color in the sky, even after a decent amount of time had passed since the sun rose. The haze also created some wonderfully soft light that can be seen falling on the rocks and on different places in the scene (the foam swirl, for one).

After watching the motion of the water, I decided to bring out the 10 stop ND filter (Lee Big Stopper) to really capture that motion. Normally I wouldn't use the big stopper on a waterfall as it often completely blurs away any detail you might want to retain in moving water. However, in this case, it allowed me to capture the foam swirl as well as really enhance the water motion at the bottom of the frame. In other words, I think it really made the shot. It also allowed the spray rising from the falls to even out and really enhance the haze and soft light feeling of the scene.
Peeling Back the Layers by Mashuto
Peeling Back the Layers
Been on a little bit of a break from photography again, mostly not by choice. Between working a full time job, taking courses to finish my degree and having to do homework on the weekends, and other family and general life obligations, I just have not had much time for photography. So as I like to do when I do not have much time for photography, I like to occasionally go back through my archives and find images that are worthy of my portfolio but may have been skipped for whatever reason during my initial editing passes. Unfortunately the archives are getting a bit slim, but luckily my last outing in May had at least one gem still hiding in it.

I obviously dont need to do too much of a description for this image, but it was taken just as the sun was setting over the Appalachian mountains. The Ridges seen here includes ridges from Blue Ridge Mountains and then farther back, Massanutten Mountain, which is a part of a different range within the Appalachian Mountains.

A couple notes about the image itself. The thumbnail is really not doing any favors to the image, I find that thumbnails of dark images often get even darker, which is the case here, the image really needs to be viewed at the resolution I uploaded. Also, viewing on a color/brightness corrected monitor is recommended. Even though this image is not bursting with colors, I can see a dramatic difference between my two monitors, one of which is calibrated using a calibration tool (which I used for editing) and the other only has a basic calibration done by eye. Specifically, the bright "halo" around the sun, on my uncalibrated monitor, the colors become a bit too saturated and the falloff is a bit more harsh than it should be. Just some notes.

Anyways, enjoy!
I often find myself shooting landscapes at dusk or just before as the sun is setting. This is probably my favorite time of day, as I love the light created by the setting sun.

I often find myself shooting directly into the sun. And for the life of me, I just am not sure how to do it properly. I often see these pictures with the sun in beautiful stark contrast to the rest of the scene. Yet, usually when I shoot into the sun, I wind up with a big blob of overexposed area, even when bracketing. And the times I am able to retain some definition in the sun, the rest of my image is horribly underexposed.

I know this is a tough anyways as the dynamic range between the actual sun and the rest of the scene is WAY higher than what our cameras can capture, but I have seen so many wonderful shots there that I just have not quite figured out how to replicate.

So, I ask you find people, how do you do it? What do you do when you find yourself shooting into the sun? Are there specific camera settings that help retain that definition while not losing out on detail for the rest of the scene? Is it just a matter of capturing the sun right before it sets so its not as bright? Or are there certain specific atmospheric conditions that make this possible that I am just missing?


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I am a 27 year old living in Maryland. Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. I enjoy mostly travel and landscape photography, but I dabble in paid event photography as well.

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