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A wonderfully stunning scene. And now a critique based on the four categories dA deems necessary for a rating. Vision: 4.5 stars. I thi...

This is a very interesting shot with a lot of really wonderful texture scattered everywhere. To rate based on the categories... Vision:...

I really like the overall simplicity of this shot. The concept is great and it is quite well executed as well. In terms of composition,...

And another stunning image from you Jacob. The colors in this are just gorgeous. And while the clouds are very saturated and contrasty,...



Icelandic Dreamscape
Iceland is such a surreal place. So many unique landscapes and scenes that just don't quite look like they come from this planet.

This was taken during my trip back in March 2015, nearly two years ago. But was a scene that I didn't quite have the processing skills or vision to really pull off until recently.

The waves were crashing super hard and I realized that in addition to the unique landscape, I could further the dreamy atmospheric look by going for a long exposure. This was shot late afternoon with a Lee big stopper 10 stop ND filter, which gave me the soft water and haziness I was looking for.

Unfortunately, the long exposure I had was from a spot on the beach I wasn't completely thrilled with and in the time I was taking it, I had people walking over the beach into and out of the shot (not on every one). This created some unpleasant footprint patterns on the beach. I had a few other shots from slightly earlier that had a much more pleasant footprint pattern, unfortunately for those, they were shot at a different focal length and from a different spot on the beach. So, up until now I didn't quite have the skills to blend them, but I think the blend works quite well and I am happy with the results. A little cleanup of some extra footprints and I was left with this wonderful trail leading right to the water that I think works as a great leading line for the shot and adds to the surreal factor, as if someone just walked into the water and then... who knows.

I did some light painting to really get the atmosphere and colors I wanted and some other contrast/brightness/color adjustments.

Very happy with the way this turned out. Hope you enjoy!
Blue Ridge Light
Another image from my trip out to Shenandoah Valley about a month ago with jonathanjessup that was taken just before sunset.

We spent some time exploring a creek in Fort Valley (a valley within Massanutten mountain, which itself is a mountain inside of Shenandoah Valley). We realized we were running out of time before the sun set and wouldn't be able to make it to the location we had intended, so we started driving and ended up on a road that went up and over one of the ridges of Massanutten mountain with a really amazing overlook that looked down into the valley, over the town of Luray and back up towards the Blue Ridge mountains of Shenadoah National Park, and skyline drive.

The setting sun creating this amazing glow on the side of the mountains which led me to grab my telephoto and get in close.

An Escape
Due to recent events, I have really felt like I need an escape. Somewhere quiet, somewhere nice. To just get away.

Took a trip down to Fort Valley, VA with jonathanjessup about a month or so ago to do some photography. We spent most of the afternoon shooting a creek (which I am not sure how I feel about any of those) but then started to venture off to see if we could capture some good golden hour and sunset light.

We stopped on the side of the road and the light was cutting through the clouds landing on the hills in a very interesting way. I find myself wishing there was a bit more interest in the foreground, but I like the pop of red from the shed and the fences leading up to some nice early fall colors and then finally up to that nice light.

Some technical details about the creation of this image:

This was handheld and was merged from two separate images due to the high dynamic range of the scene. The sky image contained the sky (obviously) but also the light falling on the hill. It was double processed to further help keep the highlights in check. The image used for the foreground was obviously exposed for the foreground, but also contained the light falling on the cluster of trees just above the shack. I wont get into the rest of the processing, but it was a lot of creative edits, dodging and burning, and bringing out and enhancing the light of the scene.

The Great Heron, 2016
Went back to Great Falls a few weeks ago with jonathanjessup to do some landscape stuff. The time of year was right and having just got a new telephoto lens, I decided it was time to attempt to recreate one of my personal favorites from about 5-6 years ago.

When I visited that first time I noticed the herons stand very very still on the rocks in the middle of the river. Being a landscape guy, I am used to much slower shutter speeds than normal for shooting birds. Which led to the idea to create a waterfall shot, with nice blurred water, but also capture the bird as the main subject. The initial attempt worked quite well, though I was shooting it on a crappy 250mm lens on my crop body. I have since upgraded to full frame with a much nicer 100-400 lens. Unfortunately on the full frame I dont really get any extra reach, but quality is much better.

This second attempt I think is much nicer, both in terms of the framing and especially the light. Unfortunately quality is not quite there to make good prints, so I am sure I will be back again in the future, perhaps with a teleconverter to get more reach so I can avoid cropping.

Alien World
Went back and spent a few hours editing this image to finally give it the treatment I think it deserved. Taken the night before the big solar storm where I got to see all those Auroras on my trip to Iceland last March. This was the one real sunset we had during the whole trip as the weather was quite bad. But this was some sunset. While there werent any great clouds to give interesting details in the sky, it was cloudy enough that the sunset really just lit up the sky in brilliant pinks and oranges. And with the moss on the crazy volcanic landscape, I really thought this created an otherworldy scene.
How does everyone feel about watermarks? I have been debating whether to start putting a watermark on my images.

Specifically as I feel my skill has improved, and I have begun trying to share my images to more places, I have started to notice my images popping up in a lot of random places, of which I get zero mention or any possible credit for them.

So, I think maybe its time to start watermarking my images in a hopefully tasteful way, that will hopefully allow at some information about my photography to get out there with the image.

What does everyone think?


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I am a 27 year old living in Maryland. Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years. I enjoy mostly travel and landscape photography, but I dabble in paid event photography as well.


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